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Be Found

Are you a small business in a town or village? It is likely you are missing customers. If you don't own an address like or have an address at then you are digitally invisible to a lot of people. We help by making sure you get those hits and mails.


Build a Community

Are you a team or club, do you want to offer your members a chance to be a more integral part of your community? We are the idea solution. There is nothing for you to manage, we handle everything for you, letting your community grow with you.


Make Your Domain Work

Do you own a popular domain? Would you like to let others benefit from it with absolutely zero impact on your existing usage? Let us know, we can make this happen.

A powerful, comprehsensive and refreshingly simple redirect service.
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What is a Tag

To understand link local, we must first explain our concept of 'tags'. A tag is the word before the first '.' in a web address or the word before the '@' symbol in an email address.

Registering a Tag

Getting your own tags is easy. The first step is to decide on a meaningful keyword, this should represent you or your business. For example, if you own a florists then a good keyword may be 'flowers' or if you are representing your community then the best key word would be your name or even a nickname.

Once you have a couple of ideas go to our tag finder and have a look around, you can also try different domains!

Adding My Domain

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Adding your domain to the Link Local service offers you a whole (digital) world of opportunities. From community building to expanding the reach of your business, the possibilities are endless.

You can extend your domain to team members or your wider community, manage email addresses and redirects for your business or simply make a bit of cash from a popular domain. You have the choice of making your domain public or private. Public domains are open for anyone to grab a tag or two but private domains require approval from the domain administrator before being created. Once your domain is added to our service we take care of all the techncial details, and you can manage everything from your account.

My Dashboard

Everything we do at Link Local is focused on simplicity. Once you have created an account, you can add, remove and manage all your tags in a few clicks.

Your dashboard is designed to be quick and simple to use. If you have a standard user account then you will be able to see and manage your tags, buy new tags and release any you no longer need. If you manage a domain then you will have additional features for this. In all cases, you will have access to statistics about your account so you can see exactly how it is performing.

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