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Our Service

Link Local provides a service that maximises the potential of your domain. For convenience, community or revenue, we can make it happen for you.

Why Join link local
network_ping You can provide a service

If you own a domain for your local area, adding it to Link Local means you can then offer a nearly unlimited number of web and email tags for your domain so local businesses, services and resident have memorable and relevant  digital addresses.

group Extend your community

If you own a domain relevant to a team, club or community then by working with us, you would be able to offer individuals an email and web address associated with your team for practically no effort.

campaign Advertise

Any tags registered against our domain can be added to an advertising service where we promote them, on your behalf, within your community.

currency_pound Monetise your Domain

Adding your domain to our service is free. Once added individuals or organizations add tags (email and web addresses) to your domain. Each of these tags requires a monthly subscription and we share this directly with you.

Public or Private

As the domain owner, you can choose. A public domain means anyone can register and buy a tag on your domain. This is the default service offering the most flexibility and most convenience. A private domain means the domain owner or administrator has to approve any tags requested for their domain.

We also have the option of an unlisted domain tags are not visible and completely managed by the domain owner of an administrator but this is by request only.

All arbitration remains the responsibility of the domain owner!

How to Join Link Local

There are several ways to add your domain (or sub domain) to our service, we will discuss this with you when you apply.

Register an interest

We are currently processing a backlog of domains for our service so are temporarily holding new regitrations. If you want us to get in touch regarding your domain, drop us a mail with some information about you and your domain and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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